Curbside Recycling Guide and Bin Labels
Learn the Do's and Don'ts of recycling with information on how to recycle glass, metals, newspapers, plastics.When placed on containers such as a cardboard box, plastic pail, or large hamper, labels can distinguish any container as a receptacle for recyclables. 

2023 Annual County Report: Department of Environmental Facilities, Division of Solid Waste Management
The annual report covers solid waste operations (including recycling) for 2023

Single-Use Waste Signage
Learn about the single-use waste legislation. Informational signage available for businesses and customers.

Refuse Disposal District 1 Map
This map of Westchester shows which municipalities make up Refuse Disposal District 1.

Solid Waste Management Plan Update (June 2011)
The objective of this Westchester County Solid Waste Management Plan Update (2011 Plan Update) is to define the infrastructure and strategies to manage Westchester County’s solid waste for the next twenty years.

2020 Food Waste Study
The study preliminarily assesses key factors that impact the overall feasibility of a food waste diversion program and recycling facilities within the County.