To report a suspected violation, file the Recycling Complaint Form with the Westchester County Department of Environmental Facilities.

The Source Separation Law sets the parameters for recycling in Westchester. Westchester County considers any violation of the law to be a serious offense. Enforcement is conducted through a multi-step program ranging from warnings (following inspections) to violation notices and ultimately to fines. Residents, businesses, municipalities, schools and organizations are all subject to possible penalties for non-compliance.

Read the Source Separation Law Executive Summary for Residential and Commercial Multi-Tenant Buildings and the Source Separation Law Executive Summary for Non-Residential Waste Generators, to know the requirements under the law.

Besides civil and criminal penalties, licensed haulers, who collect solid waste and recyclables, may get their licenses revoked for non-compliance.  In order to operate in Westchester, all haulers are required to be licensed. The licensing program is managed by the Westchester County Solid Waste Commission.

As requested, municipalities will be given assistance in levying and collecting their own fines.

Oops! stickers
While they are still available, Oops! stickers can be used by municipal sanitation departments to label improperly separated waste and recyclables that is left at the curb.

Contact us to request stickers.