For more information on recycling, visit any of these Web sites:  

New Paltz Reuse Center
  The New Paltz Reuse Center is a non-profit community warehouse, open to the public, specializing in the redistribution of arts, education and building materials rescued from the business waste stream. Services provided include waste assessments, distribution of reusable business waste and workshops illustrating possible re-uses for such materials.
NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation
  Official page of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for business recycling. Obtain information about its structure, management, policies, history, contacts, jobs and volunteer opportunities.
US EPA: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency site for general information on reducing waste, and resources for students and educators.
WestchesterFreeShare and WestchesterNYFreecycle
  These online groups serve as a forum to exchange used but usable items. They help reduce waste by connecting individuals who are discarding goods with those who are seeking them. You must have a Yahoo! account to use these programs. WestchesterNYFreecycle maintains a "two strikes, you’re out" policy to guarantee proper participation.