Propane tanks come with a plastic cap to insure safety in transit. Even if it seems empty, make sure it is sealed with a plastic cap to prevent injury. Most hardware stores and propane distributors sell replacement caps. When empty, either exchange your tank for a filled one or consider giving it to a neighbor or a friend to use, if they have a similar tank.

When a tank is no longer needed, residents can deliver propane tanks to the Household Material Recovery Facility (H-MRF). You can also refer to the How to Dispose and Recycle Special Household Waste brochure for guidelines on barbecue and propane tank recycling, among other household items that require special handling.

To dispose of a one to two pound propane barbecue tank: Residual gas should be burned off through proper use of the grill. Empty tanks may be disposed of in the garbage or on bulk pick-up days. Never include a 1 or 2 pound barbecue tank with your glass, plastic or metal recyclables. Call your local recycling office for more information. Residents can also bring these small tanks to our H-MRF in Valhalla.

To dispose of larger barbecue tanks: If you are a resident, private business, school or institution that needs to dispose of a 20 pound barbecue tank, the companies listed below accept propane gas barbecue tanks year-round. They may charge a small fee.

Brookfield Metal Company
280 Lamont Street
Elmsford, NY
(914) 592-5250
Brookfield requires that the main valve be removed from the tank before delivery. Call Brookfield for instructions.

465 Knollwood Road
White Plains, NY
(914) 949-5151

Columbia Propane
Route 6
Brewster, NY
(845) 279-8414

American Compressed Gases
834 Nepperhan Avenue
Yonkers, NY
(914) 968-8708

Synergy Gas
Route 9 and Lions Road
Cold Spring, NY
(845) 265-3637