Old cell phones contain a number of dangerous materials that should be kept out of the waste stream.  Westchester County passed a cell phone recycling law that went into effect June 1, 2006, making it illegal to throw phones into the garbage. In January 2007, New York State also passed a law on Wireless Phone Recycling preempting the county law.

The EPA partners with consumer electronics manufacturers, retailers, and service providers creating Plug-In To eCycling with US EPA. This partnership offers you more opportunities to donate or recycle - to "eCycle" - your used electronics. Plug-In To eCycling is encouraging Americans to recycle their cell phones and accessories. Recycling old cell phones, PDAs, cell phone batteries, chargers, or other accessories, recovers valuable materials and reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.  

In almost every Westchester community, county residents can find cell phone drop-off locations to recycle old phones. New York State law mandates that you recycle your old cell phone. This list of drop-off locations in Westchester County makes it easy to properly dispose of your old cell phones. Drop-off locations are listed alphabetically by municipality.

If you'd like information on how to become a cell phone drop-off site, or if you are a cell phone drop-off site that wants to be listed here, contact us.

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