In addition to federal and state laws that affect the environment, Westchester has various local laws including ones dealing with pesticides, recycling, and phasing out high-pollutant leaf blowers.

Cell Phone Recycling Law
It is against Westchester County law to throw cell phones in the garbage. Violators may be issued a warning or be fined up to $250. Cell phones must be dropped off at locations certified by Westchester County.

Hazardous Waste Point of Sale Notification
The Hazardous Waste Point of Sale Notification Law was enacted to encourage proper use, storage, and safe disposal of toxic chemicals and to encourage the use of the least toxic products whenever feasible. Under this law, all retail establishments selling household chemical products are required to display prominent signs warning consumers about the dangers of household chemicals.

Leaf Blower Law
Targeting the high levels of air pollution generated by gas-powered leaf blowers, the county now has a law designed to phase out the use of those leaf blowers that most pollute the atmosphere.

Mercury Sale and Use
This law bans the sale and/or use of certain products with mercury and requires the proper disposal of mercury-containing products.

Pesticide Neighborhood Notification
If you are going to use pesticides on your lawn, you or your landscaper have certain requirements that must be followed, regarding notifying your neighbors.

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Law
This law requires retailers of rechargeable batteries to collect from consumers and recycle these batteries for free. They are also required to post signs about in-store recycling programs. It also prohibits the disposal of batteries as solid waste. Violators are subject to fines up to $200.

Sanitary Code
The Westchester County Sanitary Code consists of laws enforced by the Westchester County Board of Health and the Westchester County Department of Health to assure the health of the public.

Septic System Maintenance Reimbursement
Since Sept. 3, 2008 Westchester County has been helping pay for the cost of septic tank pump-outs and inspections for residential and commercial properties in county sewer tax districts.

Westchester County Source Separation Law
This is the county law that deals with recycling. It requires various recyclable materials to be separated from the garbage. Individuals should consult their local recycling office for information specific to their community.