The H-MRF accepts household hazardous waste and other items worthy of special handling from Westchester County residents on a year-round, appointment-only basis.

The county also accepts hazardous chemicals and fluorescent bulbs from any school, institution or business that qualifies as a Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator (CESQG). For more information regarding fees, appointments and what is acceptable, call our Recycling Helpline at (914) 813-5425.

The H-MRF is located on the Grasslands Campus; 15 Woods Road, Valhalla, NY. Below are instructions that will help find the location if traveling on the Sprain Brook Parkway. Or you may create your own directions using Google maps.

From the Sprain Brook Parkway Southbound: Take the exit for Eastview/100C. At stop turn right onto 100C. Turn right onto Woods Road. The H-MRF is on the right, #15.

From the Sprain Brook Parkway Northbound: Take the exit for Eastview/100C. At light turn left onto 100C.  At second traffic light turn right onto Woods Road. The H-MRF is on the right, #15.

Hours of operation and scheduling appointments
Residents can reserve a time slot for appointments up to two weeks in advance. To make or cancel an appointment, call the Recycling HelpLine at (914) 813-5425. The Recycling HelpLine is available seven days a week from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. You can also schedule your appointment on the reservations calendar. Click on a date and time that is convenient for you and a dialogue box will open for you to enter your contact information.

Upon arrival, you will be asked to provide a current government-issued photo ID (e.g. a driver’s license) as proof of residency. Please note that the H-MRF is closed on federal holidays.

Fees apply if you live in Somers, North Salem, Lewisboro, Pound Ridge, Bedford, North Castle, or New Castle. These seven municipalities do not contribute tax fees to the Refuse Disposal District No. 1 (RDD) that funds the construction and operation of the H-MRF. Only credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, or Discover) will be accepted for fees payment. A minimum fee of $5.00 per appointment will be charged. To avoid fees at the H-MRF, residents in these seven municipalities are encouraged to learn about several other disposal options for special wastes that are free of charge. See fee schedule below.

Potential closings
In extreme weather, if working conditions are deemed unsafe, appointments will be canceled. To verify closing due to weather conditions, call (914) 813-5425. You will also receive a cancellation e-mail under these circumstances.

On the day of your visit to the H-MRF, it's important to follow these simple rules for a quick and hassle-free drop-off:

  • Bring a valid driver's license.
  • Remember to close all bags and bottles tightly.
  • All chemicals must be in original or labeled containers.
  • Place all chemicals in a sturdy box and in the trunk of your car.
  • Medications are accepted only on certain days each month, which can be seen by selecting your zip code on the reservation page. See the schedule.

Of the many items listed under "Wastes Accepted," some can also be recycled at other locations throughout the county, often for free. Read more about special wastes in general or click the links of a specific item for more details.

Wastes Accepted
Automotive fluids (except motor oil) Metal, jewelry and furniture polish
Car tires (with or without rims) up to four per household Pesticides, insecticides, herbicides
Kerosene and other flammable liquids Photo and swimming pool chemicals
Mercury thermometers, thermostats Propane tanks
Electronic waste (e.g. computers and peripherals, televisions, cell phones, etc.) Wood preservatives and stains

Refrigerant-containing household appliances
(e.g. air conditioners, refrigerators, and dehumidifiers)


Fluorescent light bulbs
(including CFLs and tube-shaped fluorescent bulbs)

LEDs do not contain mercury and are not classified as toxic; therefore, they can be disposed of in the garbage.

Expired or unused pharmaceuticals (This is available on certain days each month, which can be determined when scheduling a reservation. Prescription or over-the-counter medications must be in their original bottle or container.) Rechargeable batteries
(including vehicle batteries and button cell)
  Fire Extinguishers

Now Accepting Textiles- Starting September 2018, Westchester residents now have a place to drop off these items ensuring that they are reused or recycled.

These items include:

  • All types of clothing including jackets & coats
  • All types of shoes, sneakers, boots and cleats
  • All types of accessories including belts, handbags, scarfs, hats and gloves
  • All types of sheets, towels and blankets

Confidential personal documents (shredding) Up to four file boxes (10" x 12" x 15") of personal documents only will be accepted per appointment. The shredder has a limited capacity.
Papers from businesses, institutions or commercial enterprises will not be accepted for shredding. County staff will reject any paper identified as commercial or institutional. 

Residents who show up with excess documents delay other appointments. Documents from businesses (as from doctor offices or accounting firms) will be rejected, along with documents from residents that are not on white office paper (i.e., junk mail or store circulars). Please consider using the much larger Mobile Shredder for residentially generated confidential documents. Private businesses must hire a private shredding service.





Wastes Not Accepted
Construction and demolition debris
(including wood and shingles)
Non-rechargeable alkaline and carbon zinc batteries (dispose in trash)
Asbestos (Under NO circumstances will asbestos be accepted)
Please contact an asbestos abatement company.
Smoke and fire detectors
(dispose in trash)
Medical waste (except pharmaceuticals) Sharps (medical needles and syringes)
Motor oil Paint (oil and latex)- Harden and dispose in trash
Explosives (e.g. fireworks, bullets and flares--call your local police department for instructions)

Plastic Bags (bring to large retailer)

Curbside recyclables (glass, metal,
plastic, cardboard and paper products)

Papers from businesses, institutions, or commercial enterprises will not be accepted for shredding. County staff will reject any paper identified as commercial or institutional.


Fees Applicable to Residents of Somers, North Salem, Lewisboro, Pound Ridge, Bedford, North Castle and New Castle

The charges below reflect our disposal and administrative costs. Other free or lower cost disposal options are available for most of these types of wastes throughout the county. The exception is hazardous chemicals that should be properly disposed at the facility. For more information, click on the links or call the Recycling HelpLine at (914) 813-5425.

Hazardous Waste, miscellaneous waste, old or expired medications $0.75/lb. (best disposal option in Westchester County)
Refrigerant-containing household appliances and large appliances (refrigerators, stoves, ACs, dehumidifiers), large televisions (inc. projection, tube, box, cabinet or CRT-style TVs) $10.00/unit
Small electronics, flatscreen displays (plasma, LCD, and flatscreen TVs) $5.00/unit (many municipalities collect these items locally - check with your local municipality for more information)
Vehicle Batteries (including lead acid) $5.00/battery
All other batteries (rechargeable batteries) $2.00/lb. - $2.00 minimum (throw away alkaline and carbon zinc batteries)
Gas, Propane and BBQ Tanks $5.00 each
Car tires $5.00 each (no tires from large or commercial vehicles)
Confidential paper for shredding $5.00 flat fee (maximum of 4 file boxes)
Fluorescent Bulbs $0.50 per bulb or $0.25 per foot for tube style bulbs