Throughout Westchester latex (water-based) paint may be legally and safely disposed of in your garbage. Rye Brook, White Plains and Yorktown residents are asked to put empty or hardened paint cans out on bulk pick-up days. 

Oil-based paints are considered hazardous and must be dropped off at the County's Household Material Recovery Facility (H-MRF) by convenient appointment.

To learn more about paint disposal, see New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation's Paint Disposal Flyer.

To dispose empty latex paint cans: Put them out next to the garbage with the lid off.  Do not include the empty can with your recyclables.

To dispose cans with latex paint: Harden the paint by mixing it with kitty litter or another absorbent pellet material (such as Speedy-Dri) until no liquid remains. The more absorbent material that is used, the faster the paint will harden. To make more room for the absorbent material, full or partially full cans of paint should be poured off into empty containers. Kitty litter is recommended for hardening oil-based paint. You can also refer to the How to Dispose and Recycle Special Household Waste brochure for guidelines on paint disposal, among other household items that require special handling.

Below is a list of local paint and hardware stores that carry products specifically designed to harden waste latex paint.  Hardeners can dry a gallon of latex paint in minutes. After the paint is hard, put it out for garbage collection with the lid off.

Bedford Hardware
Route 22
Bedford, NY
(914) 234-3695
Chubby’s Hardware
68 Westchester Ave.
Pound Ridge, NY
(914) 764-5125
Cornell’s True Value
310 White Plains Rd.
Eastchester, NY
(914) 961-2400
Foley’s Hardware
2088 Boston Post Rd.  
Larchmont, NY
(914) 834-7200
Katonah Paint
180 Katonah Ave.
Katonah, NY
(914) 232-7797
Tuckahoe Paint
29 Columbus Ave.
Tuckahoe, NY
(914) 961-4880


North White Plains 30 Virginia Road (914) 948-4000
Bedford Hills 655 N. Bedord Road (914) 241-1666
Mahopac 537 Rt. 6 (914) 621-1131
Mohegan Lake 1948 E. Main St. (914) 528-6111
Ossining Arcadian Shopping Center (914) 941-1900
Port Chester 143 N. Main Street (914) 939-7600
Scarsdale 836 Post Road (914) 723-4811
Yonkers 621 Tuckahoe Road (914) 779-6767
Yorktown 1965 Commerce Street (914) 962-3000