Automotive recyclables that require special handling are motor oil, oil filters and vehicle batteries. 

Motor Oil*
Take used motor oil to a service station or to a retail outlet that sells motor oil.  State law requires most service stations and retailers to accept, free of charge, up to five (5) gallons of motor oil per person per day.

Drain oil into a clean unbreakable plastic container with a tight-fitting lid.  Do not mix oil with any other fluid, such as antifreeze, brake fluid or gasoline. Be certain that the container you use is thoroughly rinsed so that nothing will contaminate the motor oil.

Oil Filters
Drain oil from filter.  This should be done in an area where the temperature is higher than 60° F.  Oil drains more easily and thoroughly at warmer temperatures.  Drained filters should then be wrapped in newspaper and disposed of in the garbage.

Vehicle Batteries*
Take vehicle batteries to a retailer that sells them.  State law requires such retailers to accept, free of charge, up to (2) vehicle batteries per person per month.  You can also call local scrap metal dealers or your local Recycling Office and ask if they will accept your battery.

* Note: If a service station or retailer refuses to accept your motor oil or vehicle battery, you have the right to report the facility to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Enforcement Division by calling (845) 256-3013.

You can also refer to our Special Household Waste page for guidelines on other household items that require special handling.