Westchester County Department of Environmental Facilities

Westchester County’s Department of Environmental Facilities (DEF) provides, operates, and maintains access to vital services for the residents of the Refuse Disposal District No. 1, the Sewer Districts, and the Water District. The Department is comprised of two divisions: The Refuse & Recycling Division, and the Wastewater & Water Division.

Recycling & Refuse Division

The Recycling & Refuse Division serves as the New York State designated Planning Unit for Westchester’s 43 municipalities, and manages Refuse Disposal District No. 1, to which 36 of the County’s municipalities belong. The Refuse & Recycling Division manages several solid waste and recycling facilities, which handle about 90% of the County’s residential waste stream, and manages recycling and waste reduction programs and services.

Wastewater & Water Division

The Wastewater & Water Division operates facilities that treat wastewater and supply clean drinking water to District residents. More than 45 billion gallons of district wastewater a year are processed through seven water resource recovery facilities, 42 wastewater pumping stations, and 194 miles of trunk sewers and force mains.  Water District #3, managed by the Division, supplies ten billion gallons of drinking water annually to District residents utilizing technologies such as three ultraviolet treatment facilities, and 4 water pumping stations.