The CompostED facility, located on the Grasslands Campus in Valhalla, is the County’s first small-scale food scrap composting demonstration and education site. Construction broke ground in December of 2020 and officially opened on Earth Day 2021.

The facility composts up to two tons of food scraps a week and also serves as a valuable educational opportunity for County residents, students, and municipal officials. At the facility, visitors can learn about the environmental benefits and process of composting and also explore how local municipalities can incorporate food scraps into existing organic yard waste composting sites.

School Groups
Interactive tours are available for school groups where students will be able to take and record compost temperatures, mix compost ingredients, hand screen and flip compost piles. Tours will offer a hands on learning experience diving into all the benefits of composting, the importance of diverting food waste from the waste stream and how to recycle food waste in Westchester County!

If your school or class is interested in participating in a compost tour, or more information about the CompostED program, please send an email to