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Donating is a way to recycle clothing and household items that have reached the end of their life cycle with you. However, this doesn't mean these items are no longer usable. Perhaps someone else can use that shirt or set of mixing bowls. Consider carefully the condition of an item before tossing it in the garbage.

Furniture Sharehouse provides free furniture and household items to economically disadvantaged individuals and families living in Westchester.

In today's world where fashion trends quickly come and go, the tendancy is to purchase often and dispose quickly. Approximately 12 million tons of textile waste is generated annually in North America. This equates to about 68 pounds of textile waste per household per year. Now, that's a lot of clothes.

Organizations such as the Vietnam Veterans Association accepts clothing and other household donations.  An appointment for a pick up can be scheduled on their Web site. 

The Salvation Army and Goodwill are national organizations that also accept used clothing. Find the nearest location to your neighborhood.

Non-profit organizations can refurbish and distribute your old glasses to the needy, to improve the vision of children and adults both domestically and worldwide. Most large chain retailers, such as Pearle Vision or Lenscrafters, collect old glasses for donation. Call a location first to confirm program details.

Wheels For Wishes is a non-profit organization benefiting Make-A-Wish Hudson Valley. To benefit local kids, they tow away, auction off, or recycle old cars free of charge; the proceeds go to Make-A-Wish Hudson Valley.

Donating used electronics for reuse extends the lives of valuable products and maximizes the energy and resources that went into making the products. By donating your used electronics, you allow schools, nonprofit organizations, and lower-income families to obtain electronics that they otherwise could not afford. Residents can check out the Environmental Protection Agency's donation and recycling Web site or the Goodwill to learn how to donate used computer equipment, televisions and other electronics. You may also be able to sell newer working electronics and cell phones. When purchasing new equipment, schools or businesses may wish to negotiate removal and recycling of old equipment with vendors.

Goodwill locations accept all electronics, working and non-working, including those covered under the NYS Electronic Equipment and Recycling and Reuse Act, less than ten years old, from any individual or business in New York. Items are accepted at any location in the county, as listed below, and they qualify for a tax deduction as a charitable donation. Please note that special arrangements must be made if electronic equipment exceeds ten units (or what can fit into the back of a small van). Stores have to plan to accommodate larger donations, which can be coordinated by contacting Goodwill’s Donation Department at (718) 777-6320 or . You can also visit Goodwill's Web site to find a location near you.

List of local charities
This list of charities can help you find locations in Westchester that take material donations.