Property owners who have been paying sewer taxes but have a septic system can now be reimbursed for septic system maintenance. Since Sept. 3, 2008, Westchester County has been helping to pay for the cost of septic tank pump-outs and inspections for residential and commercial properties in county sewer tax districts.

The current service period that is eligible for reimbursement covers septic system work performed from Sept. 1, 2020 until Aug. 31, 2026. Property owners can receive up to $300 every three years for a pump-out of a septic tank and up to $275 every six years for a septic system inspection. The inspection and pump-out can be done at the same time. There are currently about 7,000 property owners in 13 county sewer districts who have septic systems and may be eligible to claim this reimbursement.

To find out if a property is eligible, due to its location in a county sewer district, property owners can map it online or call (914) 813-5425.

Applications for reimbursement must be accompanied by copies of a paid invoice for services and a property tax bill with proof of tax payment showing that the property is subject to Westchester County sewer district taxes. Reimbursement will only be made for services performed by licensed professional engineers and registered architects, and by septic collectors and septic contractors licensed by Westchester County. The county has enlisted the help of septic collectors and contractors to distribute to their customers brochures along with the application form, which provide more information on the program.

You can also learn more about septic system management from the county Health Department.