The Westchester County Food Waste Study has been completed and is now available to be downloaded. The results of this study assess key factors that impact the overall feasibility of a food waste diversion program within the County. Not all the appendices are available at this time but they will be included shortly.

The county is exploring ways to reduce the amount of food wasted within Westchester and supports food rescue programs that donate excess untouched food to those in need. One such organization is Long Island-based Rock and Wrap It Up!, Inc. The Department of Environmental Facilities (DEF) also works with the Food Bank for Westchester to get useable food distributed to food-insecure residents. These programs serve a dual purpose by reducing waste while fighting hunger.

In addition, DEF has long promoted backyard composting as an easy and beneficial way for residents to divert food scraps from the waste stream.

Tackling food waste starts with each and every consumer. Households can achieve source reduction through careful meal planning and purchasing. Putting the remaining scraps into a home composting system will generate a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can be used to improve the health of your garden, lawn, or houseplants.

If you are a business, hospital, school, or institution in Westchester and want to learn how you can reduce food waste and divert surplus food from your organization to feed the hungry, generate compost, or serve other uses, read about two initiatives hosted by the county: Food Rescue Forums and our Food Waste Composting Program, or contact us.