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One significant way that everyone can contribute to environmental conservation is through waste reduction. This can be done by all waste generators, from big companies to small households. By reducing waste, the amount and toxicity of waste that is generated will similarly be reduced. By reducing waste at the source, we can also reduce the amount that must be transported to and processed at our waste management facilities, thus saving the residents of Westchester County and local municipalities thousands of tax dollars.

Waste reduction requires changes in the way that products are designed, manufactured, purchased and used. Source reduction is proven to be the most effective waste management strategy. We provide suggestions on how households, institutions and businesses can start changing their habits of disposing waste and shift to new ways that can reduce waste creation.

We encourage you to read and act on these suggestions.

Compost leftover food and yard waste
Organic Waste
Reduce household waste by composting fallen leaves, branches and other woody material. Reduce organic waste even further by adding food scraps to the yard waste in a compost bin to create rich, beneficial compost material for your lawn and garden. Learn more
Automotive Waste
Waste Reduction at Home
Waste reduction starts at home. Consider this: If you don't need it, don't buy it. And when you are no longer using items, think about how best to dispose of them. Not everything should go into the garbage. You can make a significant difference by playing an active role in minimizing waste. Learn more
Waste Reduction at Work
Waste Reduction at Work
Westchester County passed the Source Separation Law and is taking a proactive stance in its enforcement. This law requires schools, businesses and institutions in Westchester to separate recyclables from their trash. Learn more
Donate clothes gently used clothes
Donating Used items
Donating is a way to make it possible to reuse clothing and household items that have reached the end of their life cycle with you. Items that are still usable can have a fresh start with a new person. Consider carefully the condition of an item before tossing it in the garbage. Learn more
Styrofoam and other plastic packaging materials should not be placed in the garbage or your recycling bin for that matter. Some packaging outlets located in Westchester will take back Styrofoam, bubble wrap and other packaging materials. Learn more
Electronics, TVs and Monitors
Electronics, TVs and Monitors
Electronics produce lots of waste. From cell phones to TVs to computers and laptops. With new technology rendering these items obsolete within months often, this accumulation of waste is addressed through municipal and county recycling. Learn more