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Curbside Recycling Guide and Bin Labels

Learn the Do's and Don'ts of recycling with information on how to recycle glass, metals, newspapers, plastics.

When placed on containers such as a cardboard box, plastic pail, or large hamper, labels can distinguish any container as a receptacle for recyclables. Make your bin labels using our templates. Try laminating them for the best results.

The Household Material Recovery Facility
  The H-MRF accepts household hazardous waste and other items worthy of special handling from Westchester County residents on a year-round, appointment-only basis.
Backyard Composting
  Explains the benefits of composting and provides simple instructions on making compost from leaves, weeds and other organic wastes.
County Source Separation Law
  If you have any doubts about the legality of recycling, read the executive summary of the County Source Separation Law.
  Explains the benefits of grass recycling by leaving grass clippings on the lawn.
Sharps Smarts
  A guide on the proper disposal of used needles, syringes and lancets, including a list of disposal sites throughout the county. The guide gives helpful guidelines for the proper storage and disposal of these items. This information is important to sharps users to protect their own safety as well as to protect the workers who handle trash.
Mercury Thermostats
  This poster explains that household thermostats may contain a small amount of mercury and that they should be recycled.
2018 Annual County Recycling Report
  The Annual Report submitted by the Solid Waste and Recycling Department of Westchester County Department of Environmental Facilities to the County Executive.